The Design Art Center «Globus Fashion Ukraine»

On October 1 2014, the Design Art Center «Globus Fashion Ukraine» was opened in the center of Kiev in TEC «Globus». It is the biggest shop of Ukrainian designers.

Designers’ collections from all parts of Ukraine are presented here. Selection of participants was carried out by the recommendations of experts in the field of fashion from all regions of the country. Therefore, it is not simply design items with elements of national color from different cities that are presented in the shop, but also a haute couture and prêt-à-porter clothes collections which could decorate the wardrobe of stylish and fashionable person. The variety of items available in our stores suits to wide target audience: here you can find accessories, jewelry, female, men’s and children’s collections of different styles and price propositions.
The organizer of this social and cultural project is a Ukrainian designer, the Vice-president of Confederation of Designers and Stylists of Ukraine, Golda Vinogradskaya who considers this project as a cultural and economic strategy of the development of the design art of Ukraine.
The project is aimed on particular areas:
Ideological: designers from all regions of Ukraine including Crimea and Donbass region presented their cloth collections with symbolic features of the unity of the country and demonstrate the items in the center of Kiev, on Maidan Nezalezhnosti.
Cultural: last year many of us felt how we value our country and how well we do know it. Do we understand its traditions and feel the character of different regions? Thanks to the project designers from all regions of the country were able to present their items in the gallery. We have an opportunity to collect and study the map of mental features of the clothes.
Tourist: the project was included into tourist consortium as a must items for tourists. Cooperation with tourist operators assumes full range of services: buying colorful cloths and souvenirs, master classes in hand made, lectures on history of cloths from different regions, fashion demonstrations and cultural evenings for tourists.
Diplomatic: drawing attention of the world community to the huge cultural capacity of Ukraine, organization of modern fashion shows with involvement of designers from different regions, Creation of image of the project which will highly represent Ukraine to the world. Cultural exchange projects between masters from different countries will allow establishing connections of national and cultural diplomacy.
Volunteer: 10% of the project turnover will go to for charitable purposes. Until Ukraine wins war, the help will go to the need of the Ukrainian army.
Promoting the art design in Ukraine, sweeping away stereotypes that «fashion belongs to the elite». Developing a sense of pride in talented Ukrainian designers and manufactures.
Promotion and development of the designers: 1) opportunity to present cloth collections for each young designer 2) various courses and lectures for designers about development opportunities 3) participations in exhibitions and fashion shows in Ukraine and abroad on special terms.
Marketing: development of various formats of realization of the design items from shops to firm racks in hotels and the airports. Participation in specialized exhibitions all around the world will allow to demonstrate the high professional level of designers and to prove to the world fashion industry that Ukraine is capable to work not only on give-and-take basis but also capable to offer the worthy design and technological decisions.

Everyone who supported the creation of Globus Fashion Ukraine Center understands that now it is a right time for unity and collaboration. The whole world has to know about Ukraine and about Ukrainian people that live and work in this country! Today more than ever before, Ukraine and Ukrainians need support, unity and love to each other.
We believe in the future of Ukraine and we consider that without worthy cultural development there is no worthy society!
The symbol of the talents of Ukraine is a pearl necklace which visualizes unity and support of each other!
The following fashion and accessories designers from different regions of Ukraine are presented their collections:

Kiev: Aleksandr Vasilyev, TM “GOLDA”, ТМ “IDoL” (Serj Smolyn), TM “Olga’s gift”, TM “BOROVIK”, TM “RITO”, Nastya Nesterenko, Ekaterina Cherevata, TM “Gosha”(Gosha Altshuler), Maria Barmina, TM “M FORMAT”, TM “POCO A POCO”, Viktoria Dovbush, Anastasiia Ivanova, Irina Beketova, Lina Metisova, Anna Chepurishkina, Aliona Serebrova, Alina Nikolskaya, TM “Elena ZORYA”, TM “Mlapa” (Marina Lapa), Angelina Pan, TM “Taystra”, Anna Novosad, Irina Sergienko.
Lvov: TM “Mila Kvitka”, Olga Demkiv, Natalia Korol, Natalia Yartis.
Cherkasy: Viktoria Lyuvena, Olesya Telizhenko.
Ivano-Frankivsk: Luba Chernikova.
Rovno: Irina Kovalchuk, Anna Marchuk.
Vinnytsia: ТМ «RUTA», Aleksandr Ocheretnyi.
Zhytomyr: Margarita Kozak, Oksana Pankina, TM «UMNOVA» (Tatyana Drapeza), TM «Vlas Na», TM «Margaret»
Odessa: TM “Kapsamun”, Elena Godis, TM “Atelier Isa” (Inna Savenko), ТМ «КЕ КА», ТМ «Miss DM», ТМ “2FRIENDS” (TatIana GolubIeva from Lugansk & ANastASIIA SHKURA from Chernovtsi), Ekaterina Avilova, TM “КHVASTOV” (Ruslan Khvastov).
Nikolayev: Rina Budarina.
Donetsk: TM «Mens Town» (Arie Krasnopolskyi), Tanyana Belkina, Tatyana Voronina.
Zaporozhye: TM “Marly” (Lidia Marinchuk)
Crimea, Sevastopol: Luidmyla Komardina
Poltava: Ekaterina Pshechenko
Kirovograd: Aleksandr Pratskoff
Dnepropetrovsk: TM “XAPISMA”(Anna Aksimova)
Kharkov: Nataliia Nikonova
Ternopol: Iryna Tsisetska
Khmelnytskyi: Nataliia Dudka
Boyarka: ТМ «SVITLO»
Truskavez: «Victiria-Fashion»
The volunteer project of the Ukrainian designers crossed the border beyond of Ukraine. Project was maintained by Irina Bluebird from the Great Britain, TM AUDIMAS from Lithuania and Katya Pshechenko from the USA.
We build the image of Ukraine together!
We invite all to support this interesting project.

Dear designers, buyers, manufacturers of clothes and accessories, members of the press, we invite you to cooperate in the framework of the project
Fashion Globus Ukraine, organizer of the project Golda Vinogradskaya, on cooperation contact tel.: 0674439363, e-mail:

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